Click here for printable instructions concerning Online Enrollment with SylogistED.

SylogistED Online Enrollment Process

Attention, Savage Family:  BBISD has switched to a new website and Student Information System with Online Enrollment.  The new system is SylogistED and we’re excited about the new functionality.  Online Enrollment is for EVERY student planning to attend school at BBISD this year, so that we have all demographic data in our new system.  In order to complete online enrollment, you will need your student’s birth certificate, proof of residency, and if applicable, student CDIB card.  If you are new to BBISD, you will also need a shot record.
Step A: To begin online enrollment, please watch this video: 

Step B:  Then, go to and click the SylogistED llnk, then click on Request an Account. Students may NOT request an account. This account request is for the GUARDIANs only. Enter the GUARDIAN name, phone number, and email address. Requests under the student name will not be activated, and you will have to send another request under the GUARDIAN name. If you request an account outside of school hours or Enrollment Nights, your account will be activated when we return to the office.  Please do not send more than one account request. Once your account is authorized, you will receive an email with your temporary password. Then, the website will direct you through the necessary steps to complete the process. 

Step C: Using the credentials in the email you receive, you will have your account username/password to login to the website. At that point, click on Student Records Portal, and "Add New Student." Then, the website will direct you through the necessary steps to complete the process. 

We are having Enrollment Nights if you need our help, but you may complete this process on your own at home.  Enrollment Nights are as follows:  Tuesday, July 25/Thursday, July 27/Tuesday, August 1/Thursday, August 3 from 4pm to 7pm at all school locations.  You may enroll all of your students at the same location.  Our staff will also be available to assist during normal business hours at all sites beginning August 1st.  Please bring the above referenced documentation with you to these sessions.  

We’re excited about the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!   Check back here or on our website for additional information.


I asked for an account and I haven't received anything yet. If you ask for an account outside of our regular working hours - your account will not be activated until our staff returns to the office. That means there will be no accounts activated at night (unless it is during enrollment times or on weekends). Additionally, there may be times when our staff is in Professional Development or other meetings and will be unable to activate accounts. Monday, August 7th - all of our staff will be in meetings and our offices will be unavailable for account requests or enrollment.

When I click on Guardian Portal it signs me out. All of the new student creation happens in the STUDENT RECORDS PORTAL. If you click on Student Records Portal, you can see any students that you have started, and Add New Students. ALL STUDENTS ARE NEW THIS YEAR.

My only option is "Add New Student" but my student was at Broken Bow last year. For this year, because the software is new, ALL students are considered NEW. Next year, you will be able to select "Returning Student" and have less forms to complete.

If you are an employee at BBISD - your logon procedure is different. You have an email concerning this in your school mail.