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What you need to do to start college next Fall:

Information for College Bound Seniors


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Making the most of campus visits

Picking a College

Transition to College

Types of Post-Secondary Schools

What you need to do to start college next Fall:

*If you are planning to enroll in college or technical school after high school, now is the time to apply for admission and scholarships.  The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss.  Make sure you have applied for scholarships.  Some colleges (SOSU, CASC, UCO, etc.) require a SEPARATE application for scholarships.  Make sure you complete ALL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS on the websites.

1.  Apply for admission to the colleges you are interested in attending NOW!  Doing this will ensure that you receive all information about college events and scholarships throughout the year.  If you score higher on your ACT test, you can update your score.  As you begin filling out college applications, please remember to mark that you are an “undergraduate” student. If it is a 4 year school, you will be applying for your “first Bachelor’s degree.” You will also enter that you are a “first-time freshman” even if you have taken concurrent classes.  *If you receive a fee waiver for the ACT test, you may qualify to have your college admission fee waived.  See Mrs. Trent when you get ready to apply to see if you are eligible.

2.  After you apply for college admission online, sign the clipboard by Mrs. Holmes’ office to get your official transcript mailed to the colleges.  Mrs. Holmes will automatically mail new official transcripts to the colleges of your choice after next semester and after graduation. The only time you need to notify her to re-send your transcript is if you improve your ACT score during the middle of a semester.

3.  Complete FAFSA application online, opens October 1, 2020. 

4.  Schedule a college visit to the colleges you want to attend  (you are allowed 2 college visits for excused absence)

5.  Go to the college websites to apply for their scholarships.

Financial Aid Information

2018 taxes= Financial Aid for Fall 2020, Spring and Summer 2021


2019 taxes= Financial Aid for Fall 2021, Spring and Summer 2022

2020 taxes=Financial Aid for Fall 2022, Spring and Summer 2023