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Questions to ask your college recruiter


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Questions to ask college recruiters

College reps, students, admissions counselors, and faculty, genuinely enjoy talking to high school students. They like to share their ideas about their college, and they appreciate students who have thought about the college and want to know more than is in the view book, or on the Web site. They like thoughtful questions, and their answers can help you make a good college match. Ask questions of interest to you in the following categories:



=What degree plans do you offer?

=What percentage of you students find employment immediately after receiving their degrees?  What percentage go on to graduate school? 



= How would you characterize the majority of students?

= From what economic background are the majority of students?

= What do students like most about the college? Like least?

= What political, social, or academic issues concerned students last year? How did the administration react? What was the resolution? 


Social life, on campus and off campus activities 

= What do students do for fun?

= What is the role of fraternities and sororities on campus? If I didn’t want to join, could I have a satisfactory social life? 

= What are the dominant social groups on campus? Do the groups get along with one another? Have there been any problems?

= What role do team sports play in the social life of the college? What happens on football or basketball weekends? If I didn’t want to join in, would I find kindred spirits?

= Is there a good balance of academics, social life, and extracurricular activities?

= What were the social or cultural highlights last year?

= What is there to do in town? How would I get there?


Campus facilities/Housing and dining

= Is there something I should know about housing that would help me in my choice?

= What are the types of food plans?


Activity centers and athletic and recreational facilities 

= What kinds of facilities does the student center/fitness center have? Is it a magnet for student activities? Are there other hangouts? Health, career counseling, special student services, and security 

= Is there a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or career counselor on campus? What is the waiting period for appointments?

= Is the office for special services adequate to the demand?