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Driver’s Education Syllabus
Mr. Hutchings
Room N 202.5

Age Requirement:

To take this course, you have to have turned 15 years of age by the first day of class.

Course Purpose:

The Purpose of this course is to inform young adults about the responsibility of driving and prepare them for obtaining a driver permit/license.

Topics Covered:

How to get a driver permit/license (GDL process)
Driver safety (seat belts, air bags, car conditions, car seats)
Rules and regulations when driving (driving laws)
Defensive Driving techniques and basic driving skills
How alcohol and drugs will affect your driving
Driving penalties (DUI, moving violations, Ok. License point system)
Sharing the roadway with others (pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, trains)
Vehicle information and getting to know your vehicle
Understanding road signs, pavement markings and traffic control devices
Driving Emergencies and avoiding accidents


Oklahoma Drivers Manual
Glencoe: Responsible Driving
Pearson: DriveRight
Various Videos

Course Outline:

30 hours of classroom study
6 hours of behind the wheel driving
Classroom activities

Grading Policy:

40 %    -    1st 9wks:    Tests and Video Participation
40%    -    2nd 9wks:    Driving Participation and Class Work
20%    -    Semester Test

Required Materials:


Tardiness/ Absences

Any student not in the room when the bell rings will be considered tardy.  Furthermore, as indicated in the school handbook, 2 tardies count as an absence.  On days that we are driving, if you are tardy and we have left, you will be considered absent.

*** To receive the “certificate of completion”, you can only miss a maximum of “3” days during the classroom portion of the class.  Without this certificate, you cannot get your permit.   This does not affect you receiving a grade for the class.  

Behavioral and Classroom/Car Management:

Driving is a huge responsibility that takes maturity and clear conscience decisions.  

DISRUPTIONS of any kind (especially while in the Dr. Ed. Car) will not be tolerated.  If you cannot show that you have the maturity to take on this type of responsibility, you will be removed from the course and will not receive a grade for the course.

Cell phones are a distraction to the educational process. 
While in active lecture/driving situations, Cell Phones are NOT to be out or in use.  Videos, audios, pictures shall NOT be taken/recorded during driving times or classroom discussions (whether you are the one driving or not).

While I am speaking to the class or during any video presentations, I expect you to be listening and/or participating in the discussion.  Remember, this is a huge responsibility that you are partaking.

Also, all phone calls/texts, trips to the office, or any other personal matters should be made between classes.

    Don’t TEXT and DRIVE!!!        Don’t DRINK and DRIVE!!!

By signing below, I understand and agree to the rules and expectations of this course and I understand that if I can’t or won’t show the maturity and responsibility it takes to take this course, I will be removed from the course.

Student’s name:                __________________________________
Student’s Signature:         __________________________________

Parent’s name:        __________________________________ 

Parents Signature:        __________________________________

Information needed for paper work:

Student’s Name:  (exactly as on your birth certificate)  ______________________________________

Date of Birth:     ______________________          What grade are you in this year:    ____________