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Lesson Plans/Online Textbook Access


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Here's a link where you will be able to view the current week's lesson plans. 


6th Grade ELA Lesson Plans


6th/7th/8th Grade ESL Lesson Plans



Here's the link to access the textbook online.





Directions for logging in to the textbook:

To login, your username will be:  lastname.firstname

Example: bunn.diane

****Some students who have trouble logging in will need to input their last name, then a period, then first name and then another period and their middle initial.

Example:  bunn.diane.e

If the student does not have a middle name, a 1 should be put after the period.

Example:  bunn.diane.1


Your password will be:    rjms(lunch number here)

So, if my lunch number was 12345 my password would be: rjms12345


Click Login

Follow the prompts to choose a primary language, icon, and background. 

Once you advance to the next screen, click on the green circle that says "Programs"

You will then click on the "Grade 6 Online Student Edition"

Then navigate to whichever page in the book you need to using the lefthand side of your screen!  :)