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Mrs. Atchley's Page


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Mrs. Debbie Atchley


Mrs. Debbie Atchley

English 9-12 Syllabus



General Objectives

  1. Meet Oklahoma Academic Standards (available at www.ste.state.ok.us or from Mrs. Atchley)
  2. Build upon skills learned in earlier grades
  3. Improve grammar, expand vocabulary and establish reading techniques that enhance comprehension, and establish writing techniques that will enhance communication.

Scope of the Course

Grammar will be covered through the use of writing assignments and other methods.  We will be completing many writing assignments and completing various essay forms.  We will cover nonfiction and fiction works, as well as poetry and figurative language. 

We will analyze written works by various authors and peers in the class.  The students will have the opportunity to peer edit each other’s works.


The class will be utilizing computers, smart board, and they are allowed to use their phones for educational purposes only. 

The student is not allowed to be on their phone unless they have permission by the teacher.

Grading Scale







Test grades will be averaged in twice.


***The syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion. ***



Mrs. Atchley’s Classroom Rules

  1. Come prepared to class
  2. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.
  3. Be kind and courteous to others
  4. Pick up all trash before leaving the room
  5. Straighten your area
  6. Do not tamper with the computers or equipment in the room unless you have permission!


  1. Talk with the student
  2. Writing assignment may be given (and /or) phone call to parents
  3. Office to be referred for disciplinary action

Severe Consequences

A student may be sent to the office immediately for:

  1. Open defiance to the teacher
  2. Willfully hurting another student
  3. Destruction or theft of property
  4. Excessive behaviors

Hi!  I love being a Savage!   I believe it is important to show each child that you believe in them and give them opportunities for success.  Go Savages! 




Phone: 580-584-3365 Email: Debbie Atchley