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Broken Bow Schools


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Broken Bow Board of Education

Broken Bow School District I-074

June 2, 2014, 6:00 p.m.

Broken Bow Administration and Board of Education Building

Board Room

108 West 5th St., Broken Bow, OK  74728


As required by § 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 74, McCurtain County, Oklahoma, will hold a regular meeting on June 2, 2014 at 6:00 p.m., in the Board of Education Building, Broken Bow Public Schools, 108 West 5th Street, Broken Bow, Oklahoma.


The Broken Bow School District Board of Education may discuss, vote to approve, vote to disapprove, vote to table or decide not to vote on any item on this agenda.


1.            Pledge of Allegiance


2.            Call to Order


3.            Roll Call


4.            Open Discussion


5.            Superintendent’s Report


6.            Discuss and vote to approve / not approve the Treasurer’s report


7.            Consent Agenda


a.            Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 12, 2014.

b.            Approve the encumbrance and expenditures of the following funds:

                Activity Funds-PO#-1913-1953/ General Funds-PO#2799-2838/

                Child Nutrition-PO#36-41/Co - Op-PO#33-58

c.             Approve the OKTLE (Employee Evaluation System) renewal for the 14-15 school year.

d.            Approve the Basic Legal Services Program with The Center for Education Law, P.C. for the

                14-15 school year.

e.            Approve the OPSUCA (unemployment services) Agreement for the 14-15 school year.

f.             Approve the Impact Aid Application Contract with J & J Education Services for the 14-15 school year.

g.            Approve the OSSBA Policy Services for 14-15 school year.

h.            Approve the Membership renewal with OSSBA for the 14-15 school year.

i.              Approve the Service Agreement between the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and

                Broken Bow School District to provide a school-based service specialist for the 2014-2015 school                year.



j.             Approve the renewal with Brown & Brown Insurance (OSIG) for the 2014-2015 school year.

                This is our vehicle and property insurance.

k.            Approve the following certified staff for the Sick Leave Bank.

                Kristy Jordan/Amber Beck/Melinda Young.

l.              Approve the following Activity Fund Accounts for the 14-15 school year.

                Dierks Elementary                                           Bennett Elementary

                Dierks Library                     #904                      Bennett Library                 #918

                Dierks Yearbook               #908                      Bennett Fundraisers       #916

                Dierks Kindergarten        #901                      Bennett Teachers            #915     

                Dierks Coke                        #905                      Bennett Coke                    #914

                Dierks Track & Field         #906                     

                Dierks Fundraisers           #902                      Bennett Yearbook           #911

                Rector Johnson Middle School

                MS FCCLA                            #944                      MS Intramurals                 #935

                MS AIMS                             #948                      MS Baseball                        #910

                MS Student Council                                #919                      MS Choir                              #938

                MS Leadership                  #921                      MS Fundraisers                 #924

                MS Cheer                            #933                      MS Coke                              #934

                MS Awesome Sauce       #920                      MS Book Club                    #949

                MS Library                           #936                      MS TSA                                 #940

                High School______________

                Sophomore Class             #987                      Spanish Club                      #984

                FCCLA                                   #973                      AILYC                                     #854

                Percussion Ensemble     #960                      Band                                      #964

                Student Council                                #985                      History Club                        #974

                Freshmen Class                                #981                      Special Education             #954

                Junior Class                         #989                      AP Exams                            #956

                AP English                           #998                      AP English IV                      #994

                Art Club                                #963                      Dance Team                       #966

                Debate                                 #992                      FFA                                        #972

                Golf                                       #813                      Athletics                              #812

                Baseball                               #805                      Softball                                 #803

                Cheer                                    #967                      Spirit Boosters                   #991

                Vocal                                     #986                      Color Guard                        #970

                Track                                     #811                      Letter Jackets                    #806

                Football                                #801                     

                AP History                           #957                      Basketball                           #802


                Sports Complex                                #860                      Awards & Banquets        #852

                Lost Books                          #807                      Anna L. Spencer Scholarship  #859

                Bob Burke Scholarship   #858                      Slater Scholarship            #856

                                                    Mary Hewitt Scholarship#857







m.           Approve the revised Spanish Club Constitution.

n.            Approve the following to be able to purchase gifts and or gift cards for staff and for student       awards and rewards.

                High School Coke #968                                   High School Teachers     #955

                RJMS Awesome Sauce #920                        RJMS Fundraisers            #924

                RJMS Coke #934                                               Dierks Kindergarten        #901

                Dierks Fundraisers #902                                                Dierks Coke                        #905

                Bennett Coke #914

o.            Approve the following fundraisers:

                Dierks Elementary

                #906-Track & Field                                           Concession Stand                            PE Expenses

                #902- Fundraisers                                            Brochure Sale                                    Expenses

                #902 -Fundraisers                                            OU/OSU Salsa Sale                          Expenses

                #904-Library                                                       Pencil/Eraser  Sale                           Expenses

                Bennett Elementary

                #918-Library                                                       Pencil Sales                                         Expenses

                #914-Coke                                                          Valentine Gift Bags                         Expenses

                #916-Fundraisers                                             Jog a thon                                           Expenses

                Rector Johnson Middle School

                #940-TSA                                                             Beef Jerky Sales                                               Expenses

                #940-TSA                                                             Healthy Drinks                                   Expenses

                #936-Library                                                       Vending Machine                            Expenses

                #933-Cheer                                                        Valentine Dance                               Expenses

                #933- Cheer                                                       Pastry Sales                                        Expenses

                #933-Cheer                                                        Dance                                                   Expenses

                #936-Library                                                       Pen/Pencil Vending                        Expenses

                #949-Book Club                                                                Food Item Sale (candy, drinks…)          Expenses            

                #949-Book Club                                                                Haunted House                                                Expenses

                #919-STUCO                                                       Holiday Grams                                   Expenses

                #919-STUCO                                                       Dodge ball Tournament                                Expenses

                #919-STUCO                                                       Talent Show                                       Expenses

                #921-Leadership                                              Spirit Items                                         Expenses

                #921-Leadership                                              T-Shirt Sales                                       Expenses

                #921-Leadership                                              Raffle Tickets                                     Expenses

                #935-Intramurals                                             Faculty BB Game Admission (RJMS)     Expenses

                #935-Intramurals                                             Tournaments                                     Expenses

                #938-Choir                                                          Candle Sales                                       Expenses

                #938-Choir                                                          Beef Jerky Sales                                               Expenses

                #944-FCCLA                                                        Sucker Sales                                       Expenses

                #944-FCCLA                                                        Candy & Brochure Sales                                Expenses

                #944-FCCLA                                                        Tumblers & Jewelry Sales             Expenses








                High School                                                                                                         _______________

                #994-Ap English IV                                           Car Wash                                             Trip Expenses

                #994-AP English IV                                           Bake Sale                                             Trip Expenses

                #994-AP English IV                                           Bake Sale                                             Trip Expenses

                #972-FFA                                                             Cookies/Meat Sales                        Expenses

                #803-Softball                                                     Long Ball Competition                    Equipment

                #803-Softball                                                     Banner Ads                                         Expenses

                #803-Softball                                                     Spaghetti Dinner                              Expenses

                #967-Cheer                                                        Car Wash                                             Expenses

                #967-Cheer                                                        Ribbons & Tattoo Sales                  Expenses

                #967-Cheer                                                        Cheer Clinic                                        Expenses

                #991-Spirit Boosters                                       Yard Sale                                              Expenses

                #991-Spirit Boosters                                       Raffle Tickets                                     Expenses

                #991-Spirit Boosters                                       Window Wash                                   Expenses

                #964-Band                                                          Fireworks Stand                                               Expenses

p.            Approve the Varsity/Junior Varsity/9th Grade/7th& 8th Grade Football Schedule for the 14-15       school year.

q.            Approve the Out of State Travel for the following:

                Football to Ashdown, AR in September 2014

                Color Guard to Henrietta, TX in June 2014

                Dance Team to University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR in July 2014

                AP English IV to Waxahachie, TX in April 2015

r.             Approve the Varsity/JV/Junior High/Freshman Basketball Schedule for 14-15 school year.

s.             Approve the Student Open Transfers for the 2014-2015 school year. (see attached list)

t.             Approve the transfer of funds in the amount of $394.36 from Bennett Activity Account #912-     Sequoyah to #914- Bennett Coke.


Vote to approve/not approve Consent Agenda


8.            Propose executive session to discuss the resignations of the following:

                Rhonda Grant; Middle School Teacher, David Powell; High School Asst. Basketball Coach/Drivers               Education Teacher, Courtney Wright; Middle School Special Education.

                The hiring of the following positions:

                A Bennett Elementary Teacher; a High School Assistant Boys Basketball Coach/Teacher; a High   School Assistant Football Coach/Teacher/ Middle School Baseball

                 as authorized by 25 O.S.§307 (B) (1) (7)(3).


9.            Vote to convene or not convene into executive session


10.          Executive session minutes compliance announcement:

                The board met in executive session to discuss:

                The resignation of the following people: Rhonda Grant, David Powell, and Courtney Wright.

                To hire for the following positions: Bennett Elementary Teacher; a High School Assistant               Boys      Basketball Coach/Teacher; a High School Assistant Football Coach/Teacher/Middle School                 Baseball Coach, as authorized by 25 O.S. § 307 (B) (1) (7) of the Oklahoma Meeting Act.   

                All members were present with the exception of _______________.

                The board did not take any official votes or actions in executive session and returned to open

                session at ______ pm.


11.          Vote to accept/not accept the resignation of Rhonda Grant, Middle School Teacher, effective    May 20, 2014.


12.          Vote to accept / not accept the resignation of David Powell, High School Assistant Boys                 Basketball Coach/Drivers Education Teacher, effective May 13, 2014.


13.          Vote to accept / not accept the resignation of Courtney Wright, Middle School Special   Education Teacher, effective May 15, 2014.


14.          Vote to hire / not hire a Bennett Elementary Teacher for the 2014-2015 school year, as recommended by Principal, Jarod Bible and Superintendent, Carla Ellisor.


15.          Vote to hire / not hire a High School Assistant Boys Basketball Coach/Teacher for the 2014-2015

                school year, as recommended by Principal, Rod Davis and Superintendent, Carla Ellisor.


16.          Vote to hire/ not hire a High School Assistant Football Coach/Teacher/Middle School Baseball    Coach for the 2014-2015 school year as recommended by Principal Rod Davis and     Superintendent, Carla Ellisor.



17.          Discussion:  Review and discuss Student Handbooks.

18.          New Business. 

19.          Vote to adjourn.



This agenda was posted by 3 p.m. on May 30, 2014 at the main entrance to the Broken Bow Administration and Board of Education Building, by Gail Hopson, Broken Bow Board of Education

Minutes Clerk.



Gail Hopson, Minutes Clerk






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