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AP English IV Syllabus


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AP English IV Syllabus


Shanna Davis, M.Ed.

English Department Chair


The following pages give an overview of what we will be covering in class this year.  Be aware that not everything is listed.  Also, some things are subject to change as needed.


General Objectives for AP English IV:

  • Follow AP Guidelines for English IV
  • Reinforce Oklahoma Educational Standards
  • Reinforce skills acquired in earlier English courses
  • Learn Advanced Placement terms
  • Dissect and analyze literature & poetry
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Improve grammar skills


Scope of the Course


Literature Overview: The following is a list of some of the literature that we may be covering in class.


Macbeth by William Shakespeare                             Canterbury Tales by Chaucer

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James                     Arthurian Legend assorted authors

Beowulf                                                                       Murder on the Orient Express

Dracula                                                                       Assorted short stories

Assorted poetry                                                         



Literature Books:  Literature books may be assigned to you to take home.  If you lose this book, you will be required to pay for the book before a new one is assigned.  The current cost is $87.50.


Grammar: Grammar will be covered mainly through our writing assignments and daily exercises. Grammar will count on all writing assignments.


Writing:  As AP students, you know that you will be completing many writing assignments.  Some compositions will be turned in as drafts and graded as such.  Other compositions will be final copies and will be graded more strictly.  I expect you to follow the writing guidelines as stated in handouts that I have given you, and that you have received in previous courses (including your Pre-AP/AP Handbook).


Vocabulary:  Vocabulary will be taught in conjunction with the literature.  Any vocabulary assigned with the literature may appear on the final test for that unit.  Occasional vocabulary lessons will be completed throughout the year.












Major Projects


Book Tests: Each nine weeks you are required to read at least two AP novels outside of class.  You will have a period of  four weeks to complete each book.  At the end of the period, you will take a book test via computer.  Each test is counted as a 100 point grade. You will write down the title of the book you check out and plan to read. If you do not test over this title, you will receive a zero. You have one week to change the title after checkout. After that, you are expected to read and test over the book you first selected. You will test in the library, with me, or on a laptop, in my classroom, with me present. No other test grades will be accepted. I expect you to bring your library book to class every day.


English Supplies: You are required to bring a notebook, folder, and pen or pencil, to class daily. Supply checks will be done throughout the year and will not be announced. If an assignment is not in your folder when called for, you will have to take a zero. Use your folder, not your locker or vehicle, to store your assignments.  This syllabus should be the first item in your folder. Bring your supplies every day!


Grading Explanation


Grading Scale: The scale in the student handbook will be strictly followed.


Point System: Grades are calculated on a point system.  Your grade is based on the percentage of points you earn toward the maximum points possible.  Tests or major projects may count as several hundred points.  Homework assignments and daily grades may count less than 100 points.  Be certain to complete all assignments to the best of your ability, or your grade will suffer.


Participation Grade:  A grade will be given for what I consider proper class participation. Example: All materials must be brought to class daily.  Students will lose points for the following reasons: not being prepared, sleeping in class, disrupting class, displaying poor attitude, leaving materials in the classroom, not working on proper assignment, complaining, etc.


Semester Tests: At the end of the second and fourth nine weeks, we will have a semester test covering all materials from that semester.  It is necessary for you to keep all of your papers so you will have study materials necessary at the end of the semester.






Absences: The student handbook states the absentee policy, and it will be strictly followed.


Tardies: Two tardies equal an absence. A tardy referral will be sent to the office after the third tardy, and every subsequent tardy.  Be in your seat when the bell rings!  If you are delayed by a teacher, counselor, or principal, bring a note with you.


Late Work:  The AP Guidelines state that due dates are the last day assignments will be accepted.  This will be strictly followed.  It should be understood that assignments are due at the beginning of the hour.  You are not to come into class and try to finish homework.  Those assignments will not be accepted.  If you are going to be absent on a due date, turn the work in early or send it with a parent or friend.



Make-Up Work: Make-up work should be completed on time. For example, if a student is absent for a day, that student has one day to make up the work.  YOU are responsible for asking for the work and turning it in.  Assignments from each previous day will be listed on the board.  I will not ask for make-up work; I will simply give a zero for missing and overdue assignments.  If you know about a test and are absent on the day that it is given, you must make it up on the day that you return.


Talking: AP English class lends itself to discussion.  However, students must remember to be polite during those times.  Do not interrupt others or the teacher when they are talking.  There will be absolutely no talking during tests or quizzes.  Talking will result in a zero for the test.


Plagiarism:  The AP Guidelines state the program’s policy regarding plagiarism.  This will be strictly followed.


Assignments:  All assignments must be done in blue or black ink.  No other color will be graded.  Pastels will not be accepted.  If an assignments states ink only, pencil is not accepted.


Cheating:  Cheating will not be tolerated.  This includes copying someone else’s homework, test, etc.  Cheating will result in an automatic zero for anyone involved.


Classroom Rules:


  1. You will be seated with all materials when the bell rings.
  2. You will bring all books (including library book), supplies, and work to class daily.
  3. You will take all materials and belongings when dismissed.
  4. I dismiss you; the bell does not!
  5. Do not bring food, candy, drink, or gum into this classroom. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. Do not be disorderly or rude.
  7. Do not throw trash or leave trash under desk or on the floor.
  8. Do not have visible any cosmetics, mirrors, brushes, etc.
  9. Do not visibly or audibly possess cell phones, music or game devices. I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT, HEAR IT, OR SEE YOU USING IT.
  10. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat.
  11. Do not ask to leave until the last 5 minutes of class, and you must have your pass!


Supplies for Class:

Three ring binder – at least 1 ½ inches

Loose-leaf paper or notebook

Blue or black pens

Red pens


Flash drive





Library Book Test Dates: