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"Hello," Broken Bow, and "Welcome back," students!  We are as excited as ever to begin another school year and to continue to make Broken Bow High School one of the best schools in Oklahoma.  It's always a great day to be a Savage!  As we begin classes; I want to encourage students, empower parents, and thank teachers for all that they do to help Broken Bow students.  We continue to be one of the only high schools in southeast Oklahoma that is growing and we will continue to have very high expectations for our students.  As many of you may have heard, the requirements for graduation have changed dramatically within the last several years.  The ACT is now going to be one of the main tests given to fulfill graduation requirements.  We still have much work to do in preparing our students for this test.  Parents: please encourage students to take the fourth year of math and science, as these are the classes that address college readiness.  At Broken Bow High School we also encourage students that don't want to attend college to move into trade or skills training or the United States Military.  I will not stand idle and allow our students to fail in life.  Our students must be prepared for all that life throws at them.  I am proud that BBHS plays an integral part in that preparation.  My office is always open, so please stop by and see us! 


Rod Davis

Principal of Instruction

Broken Bow HS


We begin scholarship planning as soon as students enter the ninth grade.  Students are encouraged to begin their list of activities, honors and awards, and community service with their counselors within the first month of school.  ACT classes and workshops are offered throughout the year to assist students in raising their test scores.  Students are also encouraged by counselors and teachers to complete a rigorous curriculum.  At the beginning of their senior year, students are encouraged to enter all information into a computer program for easy access.  During senior year, they meet with the counselor monthly for scholarship deadline and paperwork updates.  Bulletins are passed out through the English classes.  There is a counselor's web page attached to the school web page with scholarship updates.   Students are called into the office if the counselor notices that a student qualifies for a scholarship by hasn't completed the application.  At the end of the senior year, an awards assembly is held to encourage younger students to begin their scholarship search and reward those senior students for their effort.  The local newspaper also publishes the scholarship winners. 


Broken Bow High School is dedicated to school improvement aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards to help each student reach his/her highest potential.

    1.    We offer 9 AP courses.

    2.    We offer 7 Honors courses.

    3.    We offer ACT Prep courses.

    4.    We offer night school in math, science, English, and
            history to help students pick up lost credits so they can
            graduate on time.

    5.    We offer rigorous academic classes in career/team as
            well as our regular classes.

    6.    We have increased our graduation rate and lowered our
            drop-out rate due to night school and Alternative school.

    7.    We have departmental meeting for Best Practices
            Delivery Techniques.

    8.    We have faculty teams to ensure curriculum alignment.

    9.    We have vertically and horizontally aligned the curriculum
            so that all students will receive the same instructional
            content in each class.

2017 School Profile for Broken Bow High School