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Welcome to Broken Bow High School

By Davis, Rod

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                                 Rod Davis, Principal of Instruction                  Luke Hanks, Principal of Discipline

                                                                   grdavis@bbisd.org                                            lhanks@bbisd.org




Broken Bow Public Schools
108 W. 5th Street
Broken Bow, OK 74728

Phone:  580-584-3365

Fax:  580-584-2064



Welcome back BBHS!!!  What separates highly successful schools from other schools?  Their culture!  The challenge facing today’s education leaders is how to consistently improve their school’s culture with limited resources.  Building the healthy, high-energy schools necessary for this generation of students requires being a little unorthodox.  For it is through moments of courage and innovation when we stretch towards what’s possible that we become the catalyst for school improvement.  The simple truth is that high performing schools, regardless of the characteristics of the students, educators, and parents, are fun places to be.  When you walk through the front door of a high performing school, you feel the excitement.  You feel that people want to be there and do their best.  To create this type of culture requires actively building positive relationships throughout your school community.  These relationships are built one person, one action at a time.  This is a movement that says we can all do something today, this week, and this semester to strengthen our school’s culture.  I ask that you join this movement.  Once you experience the excitement for yourself. Others will join and reinforce your efforts.  One Way at a time, one day at a time, you can be the catalyst for helping us make BBHS one of the best schools in America.  Please join us in creating something truly great! 




Rod Davis
Principal of Instruction




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