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4af4350776e34During the Dr. Seuss's Open House here is Barrett DeFalco and his Mom and Dad reading him the book "Fox in Socks."
For Dr. Seuss week Mrs. Metcalf and Mrs. Gibbs played mother hen to some special eggs and so far they have hatched 20 little chickens. If you have not read Dr.Seuss's book "Horton Hatches the Egg," you should read it with your children. It's a great book!
Seussville created by the Pre-K teachers, Mrs. Diannia Davis, Mrs. Becky Green, Mrs. Julie Jackson and their students.
Mr. Stricker read a special book titled, "The Teddy Bears' Picnic", to all of the Pre-Kindergarten classes.
The Pre-Kindergarten classes made a bar graph with their Teddy Bears. It was a great visual for students to learn bar graphs.
Some Kindergarten students enjoying their tacos!
These two students wanted more tacos!
Students enjoying the bowling.
One of our Parent volunteers helping with pin the taco on the Dragon's Belly!
Mrs. Copeland tied in Red Ribbon Week with the Presidential Election
Mrs. Davis and her Pre-Kindergarten Class learning about the fire truck.
A fireman letting the students get a good look at his fire suit and to hear him breathe.
The Fireman looks and sounds a little scary but now the students know what he would look like if he came to rescue them.
Fair Day 2016
Pre-Kindergarten Students with the Cheerleaders and Football boys!
Pre-Kindergarten Good Behavior Awards for the week!
Dierks Students getting tattoos from the Cheerleaders before the Savage vs Idabel game.
During the Dr. Seuss's Open House here is Barrett DeFalco and his Mom and Dad reading him the book "Fox in Socks."
















   Terry Stricker, Principal                                                          




Reading is Fun!


One of the most important goals that we work on in every grade at Dierks is reading.  No matter what kind of job the students might have in the future they will need to know how to read and follow directions.    In Pre-Kindergarten students start by learning letters and the sounds they make.  They  learn the color words and as the students go to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade they continue  the process of learning site words, how to sound out words they don’t know and understanding the meaning of the words.  One of the most important parts of learning to read is to be read to by parents, teachers and other students.  Every day teachers are reading books to students and talking about the book they read.  Books can be so much fun.  Earlier in the year Mr. Stricker and the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers planned activities using the book “Dragons Love Tacos.”  Mr. Stricker first read the book to all students in those grades and they talked about the Dragons and how they loved Taco Parties.  Mr. Stricker showed each class how to make dragon tacos.  The teachers did fun and educational activities in their classrooms that had to do with dragons and tacos.  At the end of that special week the students had a Taco Party.  Mr. Stricker had made over 200 tacos so each student could have a taco.  Students learned whether they liked the tacos or not.  Most said before they tried the taco that they didn’t like tacos.  Mr. Stricker was surprised by how many tacos the students ate even though they said they didn’t like them.  The students did fun activities in the Scott Clinton Activity Center for their Taco Party.  The students talked about the Taco Party and the book for weeks afterwards.  They were so excited.  Many parents came and helped us with the Taco Party and I really appreciated it.  That’s what it takes is parent participation that will help your child learn to read. 


Later in the year we had our Dr. Seuss Open House.  Many Dr. Seuss books were read over and over for several weeks.  Students wrote about the books and made Dr. Seuss Characters.  During our Open House many Parents came and read Dr. Seuss books to their children and did Dr. Seuss Activities.  I would encourage parents to take a few minutes to read a book their children.  This is an important part of students learning to read is parent participation.  Make reading fun and important in your house and it will lead to reading success for your precious child.  


If you have any questions please call the office at 580-584-2765.



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